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Beat of the Boroughs NYC Online: Julia Gutierrez-Rivera and Friends

This is a past event.

October 14, 2020

5:00 PM

CTMD Facebook Page


Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera and Friends present “A Taste of NuyoRican Bomba: From Traditional, to Spiritual to Resistance Music” which will consist of Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba, from traditional, to spiritual to resistance music. This program is a group of musicians including Julia L. Gutiérrez-Rivera, Víctor Pablo, Camilo Molina Gaetán, Nelson Matthew González and Juan Gerena who’ve gotten together as a collective to play.
Bomba is a unique combination of lively percussion, vibrant singing and intricate dance elements. The showcase will include a mixture of traditional as well as original songs, offering background on the practice. Listen in to the personal stories of Gutierrez- Rivera, and what it is that individual practitioners are doing in response to the pandemic.
Filming for this presentation took place at Pregones/PRTT.
This event is part of CTMD's Sustaining Cultures Program Beat of the Boroughs: NYC Online.