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November 23, 2020

5:00 PM

CTMD Facebook Page


Régine Romain is a Haitian-American artist, educator, visual anthropologist, and racial equity coach living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the editor of “Diaspora Diaries: An Educator’s Guide to MoCADA Artists.”

Georges Vilson, born in Port Au Prince, Haiti – is a musician, educator, musicologist, and author of several self-published books. He created the “Kandelab: 101 Notated Haitian Folk and Vodou Songs, Vol. 1-3″ book series for the preservation of Haitian culture. 

Together in this special segment, Régine and Georges discuss how they met at a Haitian folklore CTMD event, the value of their CTMD-sponsored NYSCA apprenticeship together, their life-changing trip together to Haiti (2015), the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic upon Haitian community, and the value of preserving Haitian musical culture and language during these difficult times. They also both participated in Verite Sou Tanbou, a Sustaining Cultures Initiative with the Haitian community in NYC (2012-2016).

This event is part of CTMD's Sustaining Cultures Program Beat of the Boroughs: NYC Online.