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Folk Dance Fridays: 50 Years of Social Dance in NYC

After a 20 year hiatus, Folk Dance Fridays return for CTMD’s 50th Anniversary!

Originally an initiative of the organization’s co-founder, Martin Koenig, Folk Dance Fridays taught and shared vernacular/social dance traditions that were integral to CTMD’s work over five decades.

Through a series of public workshops and dance parties, this popular program returns with a contemporary feel that reflects the diversity of communities and experiences that makeup the Center today. In addition to Klezmer/Yiddish dance and various forms from the Balkans/Eastern Europe, workshops will teach Peruvian huayno, Colombian cumbia, Puerto Rican plena, Arab Dabkeh, Indian Bhangra and Sri Lankan Baila.

We will return to storied venues such as Casa Galicia, the Bohemian Hall and 14th Street Y as well as blaze new trails at Flushing Town Hall, the Jalopy Theater, Boricua College and parks throughout the 5 boroughs. All programs feature live music from leading traditional ensembles.

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