Dance In The Round with Parijat Desai

We closed 2019 collaborating with South-Asian Artist Parijat Desai. In November and December we held  two “Dance In The Round” workshops in NYC. This program is based on circle dances from Gujarat, India, called Garba and Raas. Our aim is to make these wonderful traditions more widely available, and more importantly to harness the power of the circle-dance experience to support health, well-being, inclusion, and community building among people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Traditionally Garba and Raas are danced in Gujarati communities during the Fall Navratri (or “Nine Nights”) season. People of all ages participate. The practice has also migrated with Gujaratis across India and around the world, to be played during Navratri and at weddings.

Join us this Spring for more Dance In the Round sessions, dates TBA!

Peter Rushefsky

Peter Rushefsky is the Executive Director of CTMD.