Yiddish New York 2019

2019’s YNY festival gathered people from all over the world, from the states all the way to Australia from as young as 2 years old to 90 years old– to celebrate Yiddish culture. Filled with music, laughter, dancing, this festival was our most successful celebration yet. Based in the historic East Village area, YNY provided a glimpse into the past, present and future of what Yiddish identity looks like. Our 5 day festival programming included workshops, lectures,  talk series, film screenings, instrumental and vocal workshops, dance classes, Poyk (drum) lessons to Fralic dancing. 

Seeing the continuation of YNY community member activists with a new generation gives CTMD and YNY more motivation for the upcoming year. 

Are you interested in being a part of 2020’s festival? Contact CTMD’s Executive Director Pete Rushefsky to discuss volunteering, and getting involved with our faculty. 


Peter Rushefsky

Peter Rushefsky is the Executive Director of CTMD.