Event Category: CTMD Festivals

Yiddish New York 2020

Films – Lectures – Theater – Yiddish Song – Folk Dance – Yiddish Language – Yiddish Culture and History – Visual Arts – Master Classes – Ensembles – Foods – Klezmer Music – Local Community – Art Exhibition – Special Programs for Kids & Teens and More!

Soorya NYC 2018

The Soorya (Sun) Festival is an annual night-long summer festival celebrating the cultures and traditions of Sri Lanka along Staten Island’s North Shore waterfront.

Bwa Kay Iman

Bwa Kay Iman, an all-day Haitian arts and culture celebration presented by Gran Bwa Culture and Neg Gran Bwa Drummers, led by Oungan Asogwe (High Priest) Deenps “Gran Bwa” Bazile. Bwa Kay Iman is a longstanding annual celebration commemorating the important slave social gathering on August 14th of 1791 that began the Haitian revolution.