Wuza Wuza Ensemble

Wuza Wuza was created in 2000 as a project by leading young choreographer Yawuza Alhassan. It was formally launched as a dance and music ensemble in 2005 at the British Council of Ghana by a group of Ghanaian artists deeply invested in the expression of African tradition and cultures. The name Wuza Wuza was coined to mean “you and us together as one,” by combining the Akan word wu, or “you,” and the Dagbani word zaa, or “together as one.” It also evokes the name of the group’s founder Yawuza Alhassan, one of Ghana’s most internationally renowned dancers and choreographers. All Wuza Wuza pieces reflect life through the unity of rhythm and movement. The wide-ranging repertoire is culled from indigenous, imaginative, and contemporary sources. Through these dances, the group aims to unite, educate and entertain while representing Ghana and Africa around the world. Wuza Wuza company members are highly trained performers and instructors, educated in traditional African music and sharing the vision of preserving and creatively developing African music and dance. Among them, they have completed rigorous residencies with prestigious companies such as the National Dance Company of Ghana and the Noyam African Dance Institute. They have collaborated with members of the Sogo dance troupe, Nbanba Culture dance, N.Y.C. Dance troupe, Gyanomo Dance Troupe, and many others. Experienced and disciplined, Wuza Wuza has been expressing the motto “Peace, Love and Joy” at international and national stages, bringing pleasure to audiences for many years.

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