FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela de Danza y Musica

The FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela de Danza y Musica preserves and explores traditional Colombian dance and music in New York City through pedagogic, technical and artistic methods to encourage the practice, appreciation, and presentation of the traditional art forms.  

The FolkCOLOMBIA Escuela provides lessons in traditional Colombian music and dance, free of charge, to Colombian and Latin immigrant youth and their families residing in the neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. The Escuela is conducted through a series of five-semester modules. Each module consists of 15 weekly 2-hour sessions. Each semester module focuses on the study and performance of two Colombian rhythms from different regions: Cumbia and Bambuco; Currulao and Joropo; Tambora and Torbellino; Jota and Sanjuanero, or Bullerengue and Pasillo.

The program is unique because of its inter-generational approach. Classes are offered to both children and adults and are convened so that children may learn alongside their parents, reinforcing the practice of traditional arts as learned through the practice of the community. In addition, because the program explores the wide variety of Colombia’s musical cultures, students are exposed to the breadth and depth of their cultural heritage. The diversity of Colombia’s traditional arts becomes a starting point for conversations about inclusion and respect.

Classes are currently held on Saturday mornings in the Fall and Spring at Community United Methodist Church in Jackson Heights, Queens. For more information call: 646-374-5039 or 646-338-7408 or email:

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