The Mariachi Academy of New York

The Mariachi Academy of New York is devoted to preserving the rich heritage of Mariachi to youth in New York and performances for community-based and general audiences. The organization works to develop the participants’ skills in musical training, discipline, creativity and self-esteem while strengthening language, team working skills and a strong sense of identity.

As the first Mariachi school east of the Mississippi, the Mariachi Academy of New York (MANY) was created in 2001 as a response to community concerns that children born in the United States are foregoing connections to their indigenous cultural heritage as they assimilate into the American Latino mainstream. Founded by renowned mariachi musicians Ramon Ponce, Sr. and Ramon Ponce, Jr., in partnership with the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD), MANY has become one of the signature cultural institutions of New York City’s rapidly growing Mexican community.  MANY has continued to grow and now serves over 200 young students at 7-17 at St.Peter Lutheran Church in Midtown Manhattan and at St. Raphael’s Church in Long Island City, Queens.  

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