Ikhlaq Hussain (India)

Virtuosic Sitar Player

Renowned virtuoso sitar player Ikhlaq Hussain plays in the Gayaki Ang, known as one of the most difficult playing styles of the sitar that emulates the human voice. The performance of North Indian classical music depends considerably on the mood and the inspiration of the artists and their rapport with the audience. Ikhlaq’s deeply spiritual music captivates global audiences with his highly artistic and skillful playing.

Ikhlaq is musically rooted in the Delhi Gharana school of classical music dating back eight centuries to the legendary Sufi Saint Hazrat Amir Khusrao. Seeking an expanded perspective, Ikhlaq then accepted a scholarship from the Indian government to study with Pandit Ravi Shankar in New Delhi in 1991. Arriving in New York City just weeks after September 11, 2001, Ikhlaq’s personal mission is to promote peace through his performance and teaching of South Asian classical music.

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