Sachiyo Ito & Company (Japan)

Exquisite Japanese Dance

“Miss Ito appeared to mix styles, combining Japanese formality with the fluidity of western modern dance. Movements were delicate and it seemed as if Miss Ito were about to dissolve into mist with each step.”- The New York Times

The premier Japanese dancer in the United States, Sachiyo Ito and her company perform a versatile range of dance styles that are a synthesis of eastern and western theatrical traditions. While the company performs a varied array of traditional dances including Kabuki, Noh, and Okinawan Court, Sachiyo manages to bring together East and West through her delicate and powerful performances of classical, traditional and contemporary dances. Sachiyo Ito has served as an emissary of Japanese culture with presentations around the world, including at The American Dance Festival, Alice Tully Hall, and The Dublin Theatre Festival.

Ensemble: 4-12 dancers
From Asia
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