Musical Journeys from Europe to Asia

Creating soundscapes that transport listeners from Balochistan to Brooklyn by way of the Balkans, Sandaraa (meaning “song” in the Pashto language) is an exciting collaboration between internationally renowned Pakistani vocalist Zeb Bangash and klezmer clarinetist/composer Michael Winograd. Together with a retinue of leading Brooklyn musicians, the band takes inspiration from legendary recording artists such as Sabzal Saami, Beltoon and Haji Saifudin in creating new music that synthesizes infectious rhythms, ecstatic modal melisma, and technical virtuosity, with a global outlook. Michael and Zeb discovered an unexpected affinity between their traditions through a chance encounter at a performance, and have used this eureka moment to create a spark for an adventuresome project exploring trans-Eurasian sonic possibilities. Through the support of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, Sandaraa has received major grants from the prestigious MAP Fund, Chamber Music America, and Puffin Foundation.
Ensemble: 6 musicians
From Asia
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To book Sandaraa, contact us via the Contact Page.