Edwin Ferreras

Dominican bachatero Edwin Ferreras presents on the history and music of merengue, one of the most world-famous musical styles to come out of the Dominican Republic. Ferreras is one of the most in-demand teachers of Latin Dance in New York City, traveling widely to conduct workshops and performances with his Areito Arts Group (www.areitoarts.com), which he co-runs with dancer and singer-songwriter Dakhóta Romero. Their videos have accumulated over 50 million views, captivating the world of dance. From the eclectic instrumentation of merengue to its inter-ethnic roots among Indigenous, Afro-Dominican, and European peoples, Ferreras details all aspects and styles of merengue while demonstrating how to dance it with Romero. And if you’d like to take lessons after learning the moves in this program, contact them directly through their website!

From The Caribbean
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