Sustaining Cultures

CTMD's Cornerstone Program

The Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD)’s cornerstone program, the Sustaining Cultural Initiative (SCI), is a collaborative program model designed to identify, document and present performers of the highest artistic quality; to cultivate partnerships with individual artists and arts and cultural organizations within immigrant and ethnic communities; and to foster self-sustaining community interest in and financial support for the traditional performing arts. Ultimately SCI programs assist immigrant and ethnic communities to carry out independent activities, which help to preserve their cultural heritage and artistic traditions.

SCI programs annually bring to the stage many of the finest dancers and musicians in New York’s newest immigrant communities. Through its SCI programs,  CTMD builds new audiences for the traditional performing arts; strengthens community members’ sense of cultural identity; fosters an ongoing dialogue among immigrant ethnic artists, media and community organizers for the promotion of indigenous artistic expression; and educates the public about New York’s diverse cultural heritage.