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Made in NYC

Made in NYC is an expansive interdisciplinary, intergenerational and inter-community project that focuses on next generation traditional music and dance practitioners who are ‘inheriting the city’ with increasingly ‘New York formed’ traditions and stories. Programming also seeks to share CTMD’s unique history of promoting and advocating for the traditional arts of immigrant New York that are an integral part of the City’s soundscape.


With events in a diverse range of community-based and high profile venues curated in collaboration with community partners, Made in NYC looks at three major themes: 1) Musical masters and orchestrators of NYC cultural movements that CTMD has had a significant relationship to and role in promoting over the past 50 years; 2) Transmission of tradition within communities; and 3) Next generation practitioners who are ‘inheriting the city,’ and are in many cases products of these founding groups. From the celebrated legacy artists, to those who are just bursting onto the scene, all of these stories and talents are in fact ‘made in NYC’ and it is their NYC story that makes them and CTMD’s work so significant.

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