Jalikunda: Home of the Griots

Made possible in great part thanks to the New York State Council of the Arts’ Restart NY initiative, this first in-person concert in a very long time presents Jalikunda: Home of the Griots. Jalikunda is not only an ensemble of stellar musicians, dancers, and jali with roots mostly in the Gambia, but also an extended family, community, and organization. Jali (often referred to as griots) are oral historians who educate others by reciting stories or histories with self-accompaniment, often virtuosically, on instruments like the harp-like kora or balafon, a West African xylophone. Fifth in a six-part concert series, called Sanjarno, to celebrate the nutcracker harvest, this concert, presented in two episodes, took place at and through a partnership with the Bronx Music Heritage Center.

From Africa
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