Primaal Fernando and Ovi Rathnayake

Produced in their home-turned-studio, musical couple Primaal Fernando and Ovi Rathnayake take us through an array of traditional Sri Lankan folk songs. Ovi Rathnayake has been enriching the Sri Lankan cultural experience of the NY & NJ Sri Lankan communities as a singer and a Kandyan dancer for the past 14 years. Having grown up in Canada & the U.S. since the age of 10, music and dance has been her way of staying deeply connected to her Sri Lankan roots throughout her life. She plays a large role in keeping these traditions alive as a music and dance teacher in her community. Primaal Fernando, whose life has been closely interlaced with music since childhood, is a gifted singer, music producer, audio engineer and instrumentalist. He currently lives in the NY area and works with David Rosenthal who is the Keyboardist and Music Director for Billy Joel. He contributes to the artistic endeavors in the NY Sri Lankan community through his music.

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