Rosa Maria Lazon

Peruvian flautist Rosa Maria Lazon briefly discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on her performance career with Andean arts ensemble Inkarayku and teaching activities with Pachamama Peruvian Arts. After a performance and discussion of “El Condor Pasa,” the world-famous Peruvian tune composed by Daniel Alomía Robles, she presents some home video of a community performance in October of 2020 with Inkarayku. They perform two huaynos, “Poco a Poco” (“Little by Little”) and “Ojos Azules” (“Blue Eyes”), demonstrating how musicians are carrying on and celebrating in the face of the quarantine. Listen to the sounds of the quena and Andean pipes zampona played by Rosa, percussion by Romina Carnica, guitar by Andres Jimenez, and vocals by Roxana Quintanilla- Jimenez.

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