Ruben Dario Mejía and his Viajeros de la Danza

While Colombian popular music has become a mega-global success, with genres from the Caribbean-Atlantic coast such as cumbia, vallenato, salsa, and champeta, Colombia Andean music and dance has been the most historically significant expression of Colombian cultural and socio-political identity. From the colonial period up to the 20th Century, bambuco and its related traditional forms represent a complex of styles and dances that are uniquely representative of Colombia’s highlands. Ruben Dario Mejía and his Viajeros de la Danza work to preserve the folklore of the Andean zones in New York City, performing and educating audiences about Spanish, Indigenous, and African contributions to the folklore and cultural expressions of Andean campesinos. In this program, we see and hear examples of songs, dances, and instruments performing bambucos, sanjuaneros and rajaleñas. From rustic romances to addressing contemporary issues, bambuco’s creolized complex of rhythms, dance figures and clever lyrical content displays matters of love, news and gossip, and living through Covid.


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