Silk and Bamboo Breeze 2021

CTMD presents the first public performance since the COVID-19 pandemic of the Mencius Society for the Arts’ East River Ensemble. Mencius Society is a not-for-profit organization in the State of New York which seeks to enhance public awareness of mainly Chinese traditional classical and folk cultures and to promote personal and social benefits that are derived from learning and from disciplined pursuits.

Aria 1

魂夢繞山河 / Carried Away by the Dream World of Mountains and Rivers

Aria 2

同是天涯淪落人 / Two Downtrodden Wayfarers Meet

Aria 3

南唐殘夢 / Decrepit Dream of the Southern Tang

Aria 4

幻覺離恨天 / Heavenly Illusions of Love and Hate

Aria 5

七月七日長生殿 / The Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon in Hall of Longevity

Aria 6

林沖淚灑倉州道 / Lin Chong’s Tearful Road to Cangzhou

Aria 7

夢會太湖 / Meeting in Dream by the Lake

Aria 8

狄青闖三關 / General Di Qing Ventures through Three Obstacles

Aria 9

艷曲醉周郎 / Zhou Yu’s Drunken Song of Romance 

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