Yawuza Alhassan with Wuza Wuza Ensemble

Ghanian dancer, researcher, and educator Yawuza Alhassan, director of the Wuza Wuza Ensemble and the Wuzaland Cultural Center, discusses how he became a dancer and his career as one of Ghana’s preeminent cultural representatives, following up with a demonstration and history of kpanlogo music. Kpanlogo is a popular music and dance form that emerged in the 1960s among urban youth in Ghana’s capital Accra and incorporates elements of Ga traditional drumming as much as American rock and roll, among other genres. This program is a three-part mini-series featuring the Wuza Wuza Music and Dance Theater Company. Educated in traditional African music and sharing the vision of preserving and creatively developing African music and dance, Wuza-Wuza’s NYC-based members are leading performers and instructors who have trained or collaborated with Ghana’s most prestigious companies, such as the National Dance Company of Ghana, the Noyam African Dance Institute, the Sogo Fance Troupe, Nbanba Culture dance, N.Y.C. Dance troupe, and the Gyanomo Dance Troupe, among many others. A special thank you to Atim Annette Oton and Calabar Gallery for hosting this production.

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