Maeandros Ensemble (Greece)

Music of Greece and the Near East

The Maeandros (ME + andros) Ensemble was created by oud player, singer and songwriter Mavrothi Kontanis, and performs traditional folk, urban and classical music of Greece and the Near East.  Maeandros is the Ancient Greek name of the river that “meanders” throughout Asia Minor (modern–day Turkey). Just as this ancient and mighty river winds through distinct regions, the Maeandros Ensemble transports their audiences through various genres of related musical traditions from Asia Minor and the Aegean Region: folk songs of the countryside, urban songs from the city centers, Ottoman court music, and regionally inspired original works are all effortlessly intertwined in performance.  One of the main aspects of the mixed repertoire of this group is the importance of the shared cultural heritage of the region, which includes Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Persian, Arabic, Jewish, Gypsy and Assyrian influences.

The members of the Maeandros Ensemble are some of the most talented and sought–after performers and teachers of traditional Greek and Near Eastern music in the country. The ensemble consists of Mavrothi T. Kontanis on oud and voice, Megan Gould on violin, Lefteris Bournias on clarinet and Timothy Quigley on percussion.

Ensemble: 4 musicians
From Europe
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