Zikrayat (Egypt)

Music and Dance of Egypt and The Arab World

Zikrayat is music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting the classical music and the dance traditions of Egypt and the greater Arab World, in a vibrant stage production evoking the theatrical atmosphere and dramatic depth of classic Egyptian musical cinema.  Alternating between vocal and instrumental pieces with solo and group dance numbers, Zikrayat’s mission is to highlight the diversity of Arabic culture for mainstream Western audiences in an authentic, educational and entertaining manner. Inspired by the “Golden Age” of Egyptian musical cinema (the 1940s to 1960s), a period during which most of the major figures in music and dance in the Arab world worked in film, Zikrayat, (meaning “memories” in Arabic) researches films from this period, searching for forgotten gems not performed since this era. Zikrayat’s repertoire also includes traditional and standard numbers, as well as original classical and folkloric compositions in the style of the period.

Ensemble: 5-12 performers
From The Middle East
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